Our Service

Value Proposition

LEAD aims to improve water security and strengthen biodiversity through the properly structured implementation of invasive plant control projects; establish symbiotic industrial processes utilising harvested biomass to extract maximum financial capital returns to ensure ongoing ecosystem restoration, resilience and stakeholder sustainability.

Institutional Structure

LEAD is a formalised entity tailored to ensure responsiveness and proper governance to ensure seamless programme horizons of 10 years or more. It has a Task-based project roll-out with clear progression opportunities within localized, resource efficient biomass and ancillary economies. Incubation and skills transfers are essential.

Enterprise Development & Incubation

Thorough stakeholder engagement, detailed mapping and ground truthing, market off-take analysis and comprehensive, corporate and community ‘sunk’ capital surveys that inform project planning processes. Human and natural capital are carefully linked to identified opportunities and supported for realistic periods.

M&E and Accountability

Real-time reporting through M.O.A.T. Systems ensure productivity can be monitored daily and financial and attendance irregularities prevented. Cloud-based systems managing outputs, attendance and time, drones and biocontrol ensure maximum productivity and efficiency is achieved.

Value Add & Restoration

Comprehensive pre-planning will identify the optimum bioeconomy industrial mix to establish a sustainable, local green economy. Project manufactured restoration materials are applied using upskilled companies from cleared invasive biomass to establish local, circular economies within the environmental sector.


To meet expanding environmental and social threats, projects must be scalable. Project design ensures lessons and successes are captured in a transferable format to expand further into and across catchments. These successes can be internalised by stakeholders for marketing and expansion opportunities.